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Health Tip: Caring for an Older Person's Teeth

Keeping teeth healthy well into old age is so important for maintaining quality of life. If you have elderly friends or family members, here are some tips to help them maintain a healthy smile!

General Dentist Kew Gardens

As people age and have trouble caring for themselves, they may also struggle to care for their mouths and teeth.

The American Dental Association offers these tips for people who care for seniors:

  • Remind them to brush and floss their teeth daily.

  • If they have trouble brushing or flossing, a dentist or hygienist should be able to offer suggestions.

  • Schedule regular dental checkups.

  • Consider possible denture problems if you notice changes in an older person's eating habits.

  • Don't neglect an older person's dental care, since bacteria from the mouth ultimately can trigger pneumonia.

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