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Your beautiful smile deserves nothing but the best, and that’s what you’ll receive at Total Dentistry Care.

Welcome to Total Dentistry Care. We are proud to deliver high quality dental care in Kew Gardens and surrounding areas in Queens. Total Dentistry puts patient’s comfort and well being above all. We use advanced dental procedures and follow strict sterilization and disinfection protocols to ensure our patients' comfort and hygiene. Our dentists will help you achieve the perfect smile you wish for. Total Dentistry  provides general dental care, cosmetic dentistry, and some oral surgery and endodontic services. We will devise a specific dental plan that will accommodate your dental needs, financial capabilities and your busy schedule.  Our mission is first and foremost to help every single neighbor and friend to achieve the ultimate oral health, we all deserve. Our patients are magnetized by the company of our enthusiastic dentists. Your visit at our office will be enjoyable and informative, as Dr. Sherwin Benlevi and Dr. Koorosh Shamtoub, patiently explain to you what needs to be done. Our preventive, reconstructive, and cosmetic dental care will satisfy you.


From cleanings to  teeth whitening,  dental implants and veneers – we want to be your cosmetic dentist. Our office is conveniently located in heart of Kew Gardens close to Public transportation Such as Subway ( E and F train) and Q10, Q46 buses . We are the dentist that other dentist go to when they need to find out the newest advances in treatments for your cosmetic and oral health. Total  Dentistry has the specialists who treat smile makeovers and dental implants in as little as a week, nothing is too complicated for our team.



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