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Effects of Cigarette Smoking on your Teeth

Over 1.2 billion people over the world smoke. Many of these smokers suffer from health problems related to smoking. Smoking affects both the health overall and also the oral cavity. This is because oral cavity is the main recipient of the smoke which is toxic in nature. The short period of time in which the cigarette smoke comes in contact with the mouth is enough to bring about damage. Smoking can affect the teeth adversely.

Cigarettes contain harmful substances like deadly tar that makes the teeth yellow. The tobacco in cigarettes carries several chemicals like hydrogen cyanide, nicotine and ammonia, the residue of these chemicals on the teeth spoils it. Smokeless tobacco contain high amount of nicotine and all tobacco are known to contain plenty of carcinogens.

There are several effects that smoking can bring about and they have been discussed below-


The gluey white material that builds up when teeth is not washed properly is an effect of smoking. The white material is bacteria. The bacteria within the gum cause its inflammation. The bacteria can also affect the jaw and this result in loss of teeth.

Periodontal Disease

This disease occurs when the soft tissue and bone that support the jaw bones due to bacterial infection. The early stages of this disease are characterized by bleeding from gums. Due to which pockets between the teeth are formed which deepen when the supporting structures are destroyed. Ultimately, the teeth loosen and fall out.

Gum Diseases

Smoking affects the immune system of the body as a result infections catch up faster. When the infection is aggravated the gum disease worsens and ultimately its stops the formation of strong teeth.

Other Effects of Smoking on Teeth

  • About 90% of the patients diagnosed with oral cancer are smokers. Smoking tobacco thus plays a big role in oral cancer.

  • Cigarette smoking also causes a discomfort known as dry mouth. The decrease of saliva in this condition often results in bad breath and cavities.

  • Every smoker suffers from bad breath. Their breath is known to have a bad odour which they get used to and hardly take any steps for its remedy.

  • Also, smoking affects dental surgeries. They make the treatments futile.

  • Smoking also causes discoloration of teeth. This is due to deposits of nicotine and tar on the tooth surface makes the teeth yellow to black which is difficult to remove with brush.

  • Other dental hazards which can occur due to smoking are smoker’s lip, hairy tongue, sinusitis, delayed wound healing and sense of taste and smell are altered.

Treatment of Dental Hazards

There are several ways in which you can prevent your teeth from getting decayed and destroyed.

  • One must maintain proper dental hygiene like regularly brushing and cleaning of mouth after taking food.

  • Smokers should drink plenty of water to flush away the poisonous substances from the body. Atleast 10 glasses a day should suffice.

  • Hookah water pipes should also be avoided as they too contain harmful toxins.

  • One must also visit a dentist for regular health check-up.

  • Smokers should also go for professional cleaning atleast once a month. So that the stains are removed.

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