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Dental Implant Vs Bridge


We would like to give you the necessary information to help you determine which procedure would be best for you.Unlike dentures, both implants and bridges are permanent, non-removable replacements for your missing teeth. The difference between an implant and a bridge is how the new teeth are held in place. Implants stand alone, while bridges use your existing teeth to secure the replacements. Visually, there is little difference. We help you select the option that's right for you, depending on your personal preferences and the condition of your other teeth. 


f you can replace a missing tooth or teeth with a bridge, the major advantage is that your solution is immediate. It is simpler. Teeth on each side of the missing tooth are prepared for crowns and a temporary is placed that looks like the final product.  In our office bridges are fabricated  in one week. You save time, and do not need surgery to complete this procedure.The major advantage of an implant is that you do not use the neighboring teeth to support the replacement of the missing tooth. We use both approaches frequently in our office. If patients are not concerned about surgery, which is minimal, and the time needed for healing, we often place an implant. If patients want an immediate solution, we often provide a bridge.



1. Long bridges: We try to encourage implant placement if the bridge is going to replace more than two missing teeth. Long bridges are less predictable because a lot of force is placed on the supporting teeth.

2. Lack of bone: If you do not have enough bone for implants, we encourage you to choose a bridge. The procedures for grafting bone can be complicated and time-consuming. Most patients prefer not to endure these procedures.

3. Medical concerns: We prefer not to place implants in patients with any potential added risks for minor oral surgery.

4. Smoking: Dental implants are not as predictable in patients who smoke.


Cost Breakdown: Implant vs. Bridge

At first glance, it appears that a bridge is the more economical route, with total fees for a typical implant starting at the top end of the cost for a fixed bridge and ending a couple thousand dollars higher. But when comparing cost versus value, the dental implant is more cost-effective and the better treatment option – if the patient is a candidate for implants.

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